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The Swiss Physical Society (SPS) is the national professional association of Physicists coming from teaching, research, development and industry. The diversity of modern research in physics is reflected in ten specific sections.

Image: ESO

7. Education and Promotion of Physics

Section foundation: 2009

Chair: Prof. Andreas Müller, Dr. Gernot Scheerer

Our goal is to present the fascination of physics to a broad public. In Switzerland, many tools are already available. We aim at promoting these tools and helping our members - be it researchers, industry, teachers, or students - to find the right means to share their passion or learn more about a specific subject.

Many fantastic events are advertised via our Newsletter. Do not hesitate to contact us if you’d like to have more information or if we have missed an important outreach and education activity. We can also provide a list of out-of-school learning opportunities and events taking place throughout Switzerland.