Membro della SCNAT

La Società svizzera di fisica (Swiss Physical Society (SPS)) è l’ordine professionale nazionale di fisici provenienti dall’insegnamento, dalla ricerca, dallo sviluppo e dall’industria. La varietà della ricerca moderna della fisica si specchia in dieci sezioni specifiche.

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The Swiss Physical Society (SPS) would like to bring together all scientists, physicists and teachers that work in or are connected to Switzerland. Our objective is to defend the interests of the physicists community at large and to sensitize the public to the increasingly important role that physics plays in our hi-tech society.

With roughly 1200 members, the SPS is the largest member of the “Swiss Academy of Sciences” (SCNAT) and, since 2001, it belongs to the “Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences” (SATW) as well. The SPS is also national member of the “European Physical Society” (EPS), which represents more than 130’000 physicists from all over Europe.

Your advantages as a member of the SPS:

  • You regularly receive the "Europhysics News"
  • You regularly receive the "SPS Communications"
  • You receive invitations to special events of the SPS
  • You profit from reduced conference fees at events of various partner societies (i.e. DPG, APS, ...)

Membership Fees

The fees listed below (all in CHF) become valid on 1 January 2024, according the general assembly's resolution from 04 September 2023.

Regular fees (annually, categories see Bylaws art. 2):CHF
Ordinary members100.-
Students (before master / diploma degree)0.-
Associate members
Group A) (Companies)≥ 650.-
Group B) (Universities, research facilities)≥ 1500.-
Group C) (Student associations)≥ 0.-
Lifetime membership (once)2000.-
Special fees for defined groups of persons and institutions (annually):CHF
PhD Students
1st membership year0.-
2nd and 3rd membership year50.-
Double members (= simultaneous membership) DPG, ÖPG, APS or VSMP75.-
Double membership SPS - PGZ
Ordinary members110.-
Double members DPG, ÖPG, or APS85.-
PhD Students 2nd and 3rd membership year50.-