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The Swiss Physical Society (SPS) is the national professional association of Physicists coming from teaching, research, development and industry. The diversity of modern research in physics is reflected in ten specific sections.

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SPS Awards 1991 - 2005

Since 1991, every year three SPS awards in the categories „Applied Physics“ (A), „Condensed Matter Physics“ (C) and „General Physics“ (G) have been given to young physicists. In 2005, by way of an exception, a fourth prize in the category „Space Sciences“ (S) was awarded.

Below you will find a list of all the laureates from 1991 to 2005:

(A)Dr. André-Joseph Koch, Lausanne
Des cristaux colloïdaux à la phyllotaxie, deux exemples de réseaux cristallins géométrie cylindrique
(C)Dr. Jürg Osterwalder, Dr. Thomas Greber, Alexander Stuck, Fribourg
(G)Dr. Christian Schönenberger, Zürich
Understanding Magnetic Force Microscopy
(A)No winner
(C)Dr. Peter Böni, Villigen
Diffusion des neutrons
(G)Dr. Olivier Carnal, ETHZ und Uni Konstanz
Interférométrie atomique
(A)Dr. Benno Bucher, Thomas J. Watson Research Center N.Y.
Static and Dynamic Transport in Cuprate Superconductors
(C)No winner
(G)Dr. Othmar Marti, Konstanz, Dr. Ernst Meyer, Basel
Entwicklung der Rasterreibungsmikroskopie
(A)Dr. Adrien Cornaz, Uni Zürich
Fünfte Kraft
(C)Dr. Andreas Schilling, ETHZ
Synthese und Charakterisierung von HgBa2Ca2O8-d als 133 K Supraleiter
(G)Dr. Jean-Paul Miéville, Genf
Fabrication et caractérisation de transistors MOS mésoscopiques
(A)Dr. Ruggero Castagnetti, ETHZ
Integrated Magnetotransistors in Bipolar and CMOS Technology
(C)Dr. Joël Mesot, ETHZ / PSI Villigen
Neutron spectroscopic studies of the crystal field in HTc superconductors
(G)Dr. Edwin Yoon Lee, Dr. Henning Sirringhaus, ETHZ
Ballistic electron emission microcopy
(A)Damian Zech, Uni Zürich
Contribution à la compréhension des supraconducteurs à haute température
(C)Dr. Isabelle Billas, EPFL
Les propriétés magnétiques d' agrégats métalliques
(G)Dr. Didier Queloz, Observatoire de Genève
Première observation hors du système solaire
(A)Dr. Daniel Hofstetter, Xerox, Palo Alto
Monolithically Integrated Interferometer for Optical Displacement Measurement
(C)Dr. Raniero Pittini, ETHZ
Optical and Magnetooptical Study of the Cerium Monochalchogenides and Monopnictides in the Infrared
(G)No sponsor, no award
(A)Dr. Thomas Graf, Uni Bern
The Variable-Configuration Resonator
(C)Dr. Ivan Maggio-Aprile and Dr. Christophe Renner, Uni Genève
Les supraconducteurs à haute température critique vus par spectroscopie tunnel à balayage
(G)Dr. Luc Machiels, EPFL
Simulation and Theory of Randomly Forced Turbulence
(A)Dr. Martin von Arx, ETHZ
Thermal properties of CMOS thin films
(C)No winner
(G)Dr. Stefan Haacke, EPFL
How photons convert into excitons confined in semiconductor quantum wells
(A)Dr. Fortunat Joos, Uni Bern
Atmospheric CO2 and Climate Change
(C)Dr. Adrian Bachtold, Uni Basel
Aharonov-Bohm oscillations in carbon nanotubes
(G)Dr. Jêrome Bürki, Uni Fribourg and Prof. Charles A. Stafford, University of Arizona
Free-electron theory of cohesion and transport in metallic nanowires
(A)Dr. Etienne Cuche, EPFL and Uni Lausanne
Simultaneous amplitude and quantitative phase-contrast microscopy by numerical reconstruction of digital Fresnel off-axis holograms
(C)Gabriel Dehlinger and Laurent Diehl, PSI Villigen
Quantum Cascade Structures integrated into Silicon
(G)Matthias Liebendörfer, Uni Basel
A General Relativistic Simulation of Stellar Core Collapse and Postbounce Evolution with Boltzmann Neutrino Transport
(A)Michele Saba, EPFL
Ultrafast Light Amplification in Semiconductor microcavities
(C)Stefan Oberholzer, Uni Basel
Quantum Shot Noise in Mesoscopic Devices
(G)Holger Reimerdes, EPFL
Magnetohydrodynamic Stability Limits in the TCV Tokamak
(A)Silvia Schintke, Uni Basel
Insulator at the Ultrathin Limit
(C)Frederic Bouquet and Yuxing Wang, Uni Genève
Thermodynamics of a new Superconductor: MgB2 , the "double-barreled oldtimer"
(G)Pietro Gambardella, EPFL
Ferromagnetism in One-dimensional Monatomic Metal Chains
(A)Georg Bison, Uni Fribourg
A Laser-pumped Magnetometer for the Mapping of Human Cardiomagnetic Fields
(C)Andreas Fuhrer, ETH Zürich
Electron Transport through Quantum Dots and Quantum Rings
(G)Florian Meier, Uni Basel
Magnetization Transport and Quantized Spin Conductance
(A)Dr. Heike Riel, IBM Rüschlikon
Organic Light-Emitting Devices for Display Applications
(C)Sebastian Pilgram, Uni Genève
Stochastic Path Integral Formulation of Full Counting Statistics
(G)Henning Moritz, ETH Zürich
Excitation of Collective Oscillations in a Trapped One-dimensional Gas
(S)Martin Wieser, Uni Bern
Detection of Energetic Neutral Atoms and its Application in Heliospheric Science