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The Swiss Physical Society (SPS) is the national professional association of Physicists coming from teaching, research, development and industry. The diversity of modern research in physics is reflected in ten specific sections.

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10. Biophysics and Soft Matter

Section foundation as "Biophysics, Soft Matter and Medical Physics": 2014; renaming and relocation of the part "Medical Physics" to the section Applied Physics: February 2024

Chair: Prof. Christof Aegerter, Dr. Christof Fattinger

The Biophysics and Soft Matter section provides a forum for scientific discussions among researchers within the fields of Physics and Biology in the academic sector and the industrial sector of life science in Switzerland. The area covered is broad and includes basic as well as applied research. Among the topics covered are:

  • Research in physics for modeling and probing the fundamental properties of biological systems in order to gain a better understanding of their behaviors,
  • investigations of active soft matter, both from biological as well as non-biological origin,
  • investigations of the broad range of biological interfaces and biologically active surfaces, and
  • engineering physics and materials for the life sciences, e.g., exploiting and/or employing methods at the intersection of molecular biology, materials science, physics and nanotechnology, with the aim of discovering and developing new applications for use in biology and medicine.