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The Swiss Physical Society (SPS) is the national professional association of Physicists coming from teaching, research, development and industry. The diversity of modern research in physics is reflected in ten specific sections.

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6. Atomic Physics and Quantum Optics

Section foundation: 2009

Chair: Prof. Guillermo Pedro Acuna, Prof. Jean-Philippe Brantut

The quantum physics of atoms, molecules and light are at the focus of this section, representing a very dynamic field of physics which has been steadily growing during the past years. The activities range from precision spectroscopy of atoms and molecules over ultracold quantum gases to quantum optics, nanophotonics, plasmonics, metamaterials, optomechanics and solid-state emitters. The atomic physics and quantum optics section contributes very actively to the new and interdisciplinary field of quantum science and technology, with many connections to condensed matter physics, engineering and nanofabrication technologies